It’s Been A While: A Comeback Blog

I have posted since last year on this blog and I somehow missed sharing thoughts. Have been busy over major life changes and some deep searching on what I really want and aspire to be. I quitted my day job early this year and have came back to the Nursing Profession as a returning RN after gap years of clinical practice.

The journey is never easy, though it is worth all the hard ship I go through as it will make me a better nurse, and a better person. My motivations were deep why I came back to the Profession, one were the deaths of my loved ones last year. I still can recall them while they were on their sickbed, not allowing myself to care for them as a practicing medical profesional. I also find myself walking though every day, of my work day the very exact place where I found my Papa at the Bethany (Morgue) of the hospital of which I now work…

I hope I can write again-with less pictures now and share these thoughts in the vast sea of cyberworld.


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