First Heartbreak for 2018

I got my first heart break, I lost something very dear, very meaningful to me. Something I had for myself and used that I am happy having… Something I am happy using. My Salomon running shoes…

These pair got stolen probably January 2, 2018 right at the garage/ front door of our rented house from downtown…

I have conferred a value on this beyond it’s price tag, but because I bought it for myself on my 31st Birthday… with thoughts in mind that we will be together for years and training for races I had in mind…

Last night I am talking to my best friend, that I am really down realising I lost my shoes… plus I am having a dying toenails on my right foot… I was saying, it’s like running is giving me a heartbreak, a real “pain”, a loss, more so grief.

My kid saw how broken hearted I was… this may “just be a running shoes” but not having to spend so much time with it, makes it not just some shoes anyone can lost or can get stolen from…


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