Midnight Madness

I can’t sleep, so I made a glass of milk to boost up some chemical reaction in my body to release some sleep hormones then this happened: Was browsing a Filipino local celebrity Facebook page and one of her post hit me saying something like “When a guy ignores you, it doesn’t mean try harder. Fuck that. You can do better. Move on.”

Dang felt like I was drinking shotful glass of hard drinks or several bottles of beer instead of the glass of milk! I also stopped the urge to send someone a message! I was like saying this to myself: Rovi okay fine you are thankful to him, but the prose of the chapter of on your quest for love has ended and it is madness to continue keeping your hopes high up! Stop having double standards to yourself just stick to just one – the one you deserve!

TODAY  I realised whatever the pain and issues I have gone through in life I should not use it to break me… but rather, to make me a better person than what those painful experiences has brought me.


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