Mountain Strong Friends

I have new friends! They are Rio and Paul of Mountain Strong from Facebook!



They have allowed me to join a day hike event at Mount Isarog (1,966masl) last August 20, 2017. And then last August 27, 2017 we all went together at Mount Asog (1,155masl) in Brgy. San Nicolas, Iriga City, Camarines Sur. They went all the way from  Metro Manila for Isarog’s wife – Mt. Asog. I was their translator to the guide, a native Aeta from Ilian Hill, and to the people we need to talk to in Bicol dialect. I was helped by Karla who is living in Iriga City too!

Mt Asog climb is an unplanned one. It was Paul’s Plan B, since there’s a storm coming up North of Luzon. He sent me a text telling me if I’d want to come along, he even told me it could be my “Recovery Climb” as he puts it, after my first major climb at Isarog. At first, I was like, what the…  just had my first major climb, and this one? I was supposed to just assist them for the Climb Permit, but heck  no, I decided I will go with them. I even cancelled off my 5K Milo Marathon run for them!

I am indebted to them because they have made me realize that I can push myself to the limits through MOUNTAIN CLIMBING. They have welcomed me to the world of MOUNTAINEERING! We also have plans going to different mountains here in Bicol region, as well as other mountains all over the Philippines! Yay!

In Pictures:

They are really tired in here!
Sensei pose?
View from the top of Mt. Asog
Tidying up?
The Descent; 1800h 27Aug2017

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