Sherlocked: The Lying Detective

Stress can ruin every day of your life.

Death can only ruin one.


This episode happens to be about dealing with grief and grieving of Dr. John Watson, after losing his wife Mary. Mary’s ghost appears several times (I wish that happens too in real life!) and they actually make conversations. Mary’s “ghost” wanted John to forgive Sherlock… So basically, this also tackled forgiveness which eventually is a part of the grieving process. I love how Sherlock and John beat each other, uuh okay, talk, how Dr John crippled Sherlock for being so stubborn and clever, and persistent. I love how Sherlock have gone through hell, and back just to have Dr. Watson back by what? Hell, to sum it all up, he drugged himself to nearly dying, allowed to be at gun point by Mrs Hudson, and he just submitted himself to a Serial Killer! He almost died… but, it’s part of his “game” to have John back. I particularly loved the last part, when after the crime has been solved and all, John found out that it happened to be Sherlock’s Birthday! Irene Adler, The Woman, has texted her with the “Uuggh” ringtone probably greeting Sherlock a Happy Birthday… I like how Sherlock insists he never give Irene a reply back. Ever. (See, Scandal of Belgravia Season 2)

Then it comes to texting now. The sudden shift during their talk that Dr. John Watson cheated on Mary while she was still alive. John talked to Mary while in front of Sherlock (Of course Sherlock was like guessing who John was talking to… a wall perhaps) John was asking Mary for forgiveness on his “Cheating”  through texting a girl from the subway, sneaking from Mary when she attend to their kid, or when she leaves.

I like how Sherlock comforted John, that it wasn’t really cheating, it was just texting. Haha! I particularly loved the hug between John and Sherlock how a friend tells you it’s okay but you reply back, “It is not” That ended the episode. Darn… I felt really good after re-watching this episode. Well, actually, all of Sherlock episode. Every…. one…. of them…

Oh, by the way, below are the favorite quotes::

In saving my Life, she conferred a value on it. It’s a currency I do not know how to spend. – Sherlock on Mary’s Death

Everybody dies. It’s the one thing that people can be relied upon to do. How can it still come as a surprise to people?  – Mycroft Holmes

“Do something while there’s still CHANCE because that chance doesn’t last forever. Trust me Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it. Before you know it!” – John Watson to Sherlock



Really I am.

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