The Prep: My 1st First Major Climb

For the past four (4) months I have been into jogging and running, with the goal in mind is to be able to join trail running events for 2018 and after realizing I have to live a fit lifestyle as my own dose of Anti-Aging regimen haha!

But in the course of my runs every morning. I had my little adventures if I get the chance on some weekends, most of them are going to several falls at Mt. Isarog for photo hike climb, or to do some rappelling; going to nearby beaches for a swim, and just recently- caving. I have gone wild over Mother Nature, as it brings me some sort of escape from the usual, the ordinary and norm. I have started to love the mountains, it’s intricacies, it’s interaction to ones soul. How mountains can really be a therapeutic relief to a grieving heart, stressed mind, and tired soul.

I have decided to look for people who share my interest in hiking, friends from nearby seem not to coincide with my schedule so I have gone looking at Facebook pages and groups who went on climbs to various mountains and I am lucky enough to have seen an Event at Mt. Isarog Summit 20 August 2017 and I was able to hitch hike! Yay!

I want to document my preparations as it is both mental and physical ones:

  1. Workouts. I am using the Unleash video since it works out also core muscle groups and aerobics. I have been as keen to follow the steps as it was shown. And the jogging I do every morning. My bad I have only prepared three (3) weeks of running since I stopped for a month doing my early routines (due to series of unfortunate events and my coping with it)
  2. Carbo Loading. I have read a post from Pinoy Mountaineer on the carbohydrates loading along with the schedule he got from Wikipedia: “7 days before the event, perform an exhaustive exercise to all but deplete your energy stores. Then for the next 2-3 days cut back on carbs and do low exercise to keep the carb level very low. Then 3-4 days before the event, eat a very high carb diet. This will initiate a response from the muscles to take in as much glycogen from the carbs as possible, over compensating for the starvation from the previous days.”                                 Well, I will be eating full meals this Friday and Saturday…
  3. Water Intake. I am currently taking beyond the 8-10 glasses of fluids/ water intake. Hating already me frequenting myself at the washroom huhu!
  4. Gear lists. Prepared before hand the following: 1) my lightweight outfit during the hike: tights and rash guard to protect myself from the leeches, two (2) pieces of jackets since I was told it’s gonna be 12°C up there, and gears such as new batteries for my headlights, flash light, I even brought a portable stove  so that I can make my own cup of coffee up there! haha!  Digicam, phone, scarf, cap, etc! It will only be a day hike, so I’m gonna be gearing up later for an overnight camping stay for my upcoming climbs!
    Gear check: Flashlights, scarfs, gloves, cap, waterproof case for phone

    Will be bringing my portable stove so that I can have my cups of coffee up there!
  5. Reading and watching YouTube videos on basic mountaineering. This will be my first climb so I must be prepared of what is in stored for me during the 6-hours climb. I have read about the exercises to do, hydration, trail food, must haves, and a lot more. It seem to be not a walk in the park than my usual guided and organized outdoor activities I used to join in at.
  6. Advise from Pros. From Sir Jojo Villareal who shared his personal tips based from actual experiences of Summit climbs. To Peter Runner and Sir Rio of Mountain Strong from Facebook!
  7. Rest. I won’t be running 2-3 days before the climb plus the Carbo loading… not used to this rest thing getting laid back counch potato and all. Glad I will also have my rest after the climb, because I am fortunate enpugh that it is a declared Non-Working Holiday here in the Philippines!

I am really looking forward climbing Naga City’s Mt. Isarog Summit. I know after this I’m gonna be climbing more mountains!

In pictures:

Taken August 19, 2017 7:00 am From Work


Dayhike backpack, belt, windbreaker jacket, tights
Snack re-packed in Ziplocks!

4 thoughts on “The Prep: My 1st First Major Climb

  1. Very organized! Need to save this for future reference.
    Sipping a cup of brewed coffee on the mountain would be great! Let us know what truths the mountains would speak to you on that climb.

    1. Thanks! This has worked, didn’t had difficulty climbing just the usual gasping of air during exhaustive period of prolonged and difficult ascend.

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