I was from another adventure last Sunday (August 6, 2017) to escape the daily urban grind and to breath some fresh air after the series of deaths from the family. Uncle’s funeral was the Friday a week prior the event.


From the Ad of the local Tours Shop, it was described as MOA (Maximum Outdoor Adventure). We went off from Naga City with the usual 7am sched going to our drop off point, Brgy. Duang Niog, Municipality of Libmanan, Camarines Sur. We are a total of 15 pax. One is Ate Irene whom I have tagged along from Poro Island. I have met an Ultra marathoner Josh to whom we were buddies during the hiking proper. Also, what is interesting about this team is the family whom we get to be with, a couple named Kit and Kiko, together with their two teenage kids! 

: Cartujano Family: The Family that Hike Together

We went up the mountain ridges of Libmanan, seeing locals welcoming us with their smiles.

The first cave we went in was a dry cave. The adventure begins within thy self wherein one must conquer the unknown fear that lingers… “What if I break down, what if some bats would smell differently based on blood type (I have a less common one), What if they smell blood and leech to me (haha had a really clumsy cut at my nose), What if there are snakes that’ll attack us for visiting them in their sanctuary. So many “What If’s” upon entering the cave, anxiety level rose really fast. There was a point that I even asked myself what I am doing with my life, what is this for! Ha!


Going inside was a real-heart throbbing-fear-sucker experience. The sound of the bats and them flying over me, the indistinguishable smell, the darkness along our path.

Then off we go to the wet cave, went on a little hike going there. I was beginning to wonder where is that “Maximum Adventure” the tour guides promised us, haha!!! Things got a little boring. Below was a picture taken before we get in to the second cave:


We donned our life vests, since the water inside can go beyond 4ft. We have not used a Kayak or boat inside since the ceiling and rock formations are really low…  The flooring is very irregular one might even get injured and the feeling that all of a sudden you will feel like falling off to a hole! Inside were stalactites and stalagmite rock formations that I am no expert to distinguish which is which! Haha. It was an approximate 3 km. distance from the outside.


One of our experience is to feel disheartened of what we have seen inside- VANDALISM AT ITS WORST! Some people, probably locals and the young ones have gone inside and left vandals along the walls… our facilitator initiated to get some sands and try to somehow erase those stupid vandals at the walls of the cave. Mr. Jojo Villareal, Proprietor of Kaddlagan Outdoor shop really has the heart to our Mother Nature.

After we have finished “pasting” sands at the vandals, we were done taking pictures and off we go to get our asses out the cave… I realized my buddy “Josh” is not around, more so Reymar, and I was like… uh oh, I have to get to them fast. I went off earlier to the group and rushed myself going out… Then it hit me! Fuck this utter darkness, I might get lost or have shoved myself to the wrong path… But then, I make sure that I see flickers of light behind me and I know I’m not wandering myself inside the cave. Ha! In this picture I am really having pure fun! My soul felt like being washed, and renewed…

The fleeting minutes alone, left me astonished how nature can speak to ones soul. How Nature would leave you refreshed and renewed. I am not the person I used to be when I got out! That feeling!

Even though my trekking shoes got really ripped because the rock formations inside the cave aren’t really that kind to strangers like us… I had fun time from this urban escape adventure. I recommend this place to nature lovers, hikers, and even to trail runners! One must first have to coordinate with the Local Barangay Officials, no special environmental permit to secure!

In pictures:

August Six Team!


Halfway through!
Reymar Realce, one of our tour guide aka photographer.
Josh’s First time to rapel… just this little falls right there.
20733028_1547995168555555_1634126767_n (1)
Action shot. Rappelled once… just to review what I once did at Harubay Falls, Mt Isarog, Calabanga, Camarines Sur
Buk-o dish. An exotic food prepared for us. See the slimmy eerie creature looking down its “cooked friends” arrgh!
Yay! Finishers! Finally back to base.
Uwian naaa!
Going home!

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