When you lost the running bug?

What to do when you lost the running bug?

Instead of running, I just do brisk walking, and even thinking about getting a mountain bike but I have to consider spending less, or way beyond a normal spend on a bike. More meaning 10k > or less, like < 6.6k. But I am more of afraid with the road bike accident than the budget… though I am torn between getting the fats again if I’d stop running or not find a new avenue in getting fit.

Any suggestions?


5 thoughts on “When you lost the running bug?

  1. I have the same dilemma as well. I’ve been actively running since 2012, even joining lots of running events – but like what you said, lost the running bug last year. If you’re worried about road accidents, I think a good option is to buy a stationary bike. As far as I know, biking burns more calories than running. So by having stationary bike, you can still do cardio at the comfort of your home – away from road accidents.

    1. I might have the guts to ride the bike on the road, and combine mountain biking with hiking perhaps. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Really appreciate your comments and likes! Newbie in blogging, just 3 months old since I relaunched this site.

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