I grew up during my teenage and college years watching movies almost every weekends and was not told that what we see on screen are just a sample of how technology, if misrepresented and misused can lead to chaos. Why discuss movies and such? Because I was made to believed life is like what we see in movies, that the ending can be pretty much at our sight at the end. But life isn’t much like it. Also, with love.

I am a single parent, at this point in my life, most people would want me to have a boy friend, and worst they would even tell me to find a husband! They would tell me someday my kid will be growing up, will have her own life and leave me… But I wouldn’t listen to what they say nor get affected to their form of “bullying”. I have my reasons why I chose to be alone. I would tell them the difference between being alone, and lonely. That I am perfectly okay with the life I chose. But  in spite and despite of, they would still insist.

Looking back, I used to give my all, risking everything for the namesake called Love.  I used to believe in love, I used to give everything yeah practically risk everything and everyone in my life… but just like in movies- hearts are broken, tears fall, people leave, and  lives end.

Loving from what I knew it was then, led me to unwise decisions that have prevented me for a better tomorrow. But I am assured that those decisions doesn’t left me resentful with my life at the moment… I am even grateful for it! I am sure all those are blessings in disguise! I have learned to accept my fate and have learned to trust God in everything. At this point, I must learn not to distrust people and see the good in everything. I must stop judging every people I come across based on feelings alone.

As Sherlock Holmes puts it:


Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side.

Am I a loser? No. Have I lost sentiment? I guess… so.




2 thoughts on “Lost Sentiment

  1. Love hurts this much in our society. People think you need to be in love, get married, raise a family, have grand children. This is a dream for some and there’s nothing wrong about it. But it isn’t for everyone!

    Failures, not only in love, are surely blessings. We learn our lessons, we become wiser, we become stronger. And most importantly, we realize that we don’t live by feelings alone.

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