Canyoning at Harubay Falls, Mt. Isarog, Calabanga, Cam Sur

I have participated the 37th Waterfalls Rapeling activity of a local outdoor shop here in Naga. Along with me are fellow adventure seekers from Naga City, Province of Albay, from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu and staff and crew of Kadlagan Outdoor Shop & Tours. This falls is only one of several beauties that can be found at Isarog… a 90 feet tall falls called Harubay or Busay Falls. (Pls see previous posts on Nabuntulan and Malabsay Falls)

We took an hour of jitney ride from Naga City to Municipality of Calabanga, Province of Camarines Sur. As we reached Brgy. Harubay, we have registered at the Brgy. Hall as mandatory requirement for the Environmental Fee ( taken care of Kadlagan)

Then, we went hiking going up at Mt. Isarog via Calabanga trail for 1 1/2 hrs… along with us are Barangay Tanods to guide us along. Then we reached the falls and had some Basic Orientation on Rappeling… We traversed a cliff going up the falls with 5/10 difficulty. Safety ropes are all set up for us.

Pre Exposure to Rappeling

I have one rappeling experience in a building, back then when I was a volunteer at Philippine National Red Cross. But this one is entirely different from the basic since there is a water force going down.

The Experience.

I had to climb a cliff to get to the top of the falls. Before traversing down, I rested for a while but I felt my heart pounding and anxiety level rising. I went down and the first few seconds and minutes that follows left me very nervous, that I rushed to go down. I was stucked in a little hole at the middle of my traverse and felt I was nearly drowned with the flow of the water gushing down above me!

My first time was one hell of a descent! I almost drowned haha! During the final call for the last five, I felt I needed to do another try… then I said “I feel like I might regret it if I don’t do a 2nd try” Mr. Jojo Villareal, Proprietor and Tour Guide of Kadlagan overheard me, and pushed me to do another one! Happy gal, I was excited and this time, only a bit nervous.

Last five participants, Me at the left.

I was the last joiner who went down and my success meant pack up for the team. I really had extreme adventure fun! Thank you Kadlagan Outdoors!

This activity is my summer ender… really ha.


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