What being 30 means to ME

When I celebrated my 30th birthday, I was busy with retail business. We actually just bought fastfood and ate right at our Fair Booth at Plaza Rizal, here in Naga City.

Being 30 means adulting to me. I have a 4 year old kid, and chose to raise her on my own without the baby daddy’s help. So the anxiousness of being 30 something isn’t that much since I have on my shoulder raising my kid the best possible way I can.

This Summer of 2017, I went into travels just in nearby places. And it dawned into me that being a mother and being 30 will not hinder me from taking new adventures.

Yes, I may had motherhood break, I went to travels with and without my kid and I get back home anew, refreshed.

Being 30 made me realize a lot of things, I am now going  halfway before I get 31 (that’s by December) and decisions are brewing… those important ones that I need to do, or else, I will forever get stuck to where I am currently in.

Being 30, I realized I should be doing what I love most, working what I am destined to be as a NURSE.

Being 30, I realized I should now set goals before I turn 35 and eventually before 40.



One thought on “What being 30 means to ME

  1. In few years, I’ll be turning 30 as well. I have so many plans and dreams that I wanted to achieve before reaching 30, but I continue to trust where God is going to lead me and follow His will.

    It’s never too late to do the things you love most. I learned that Jesus began his preachings, his ministry when he was 33 years old.

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