Solo Hike: Way to Nabuntulan Fails, Mt Isarog, Naga City

Our family celebrated Mother’s Day through an outing at a nearby resort downtown, just the usual pool and slides for the kids to enjoy. Then boredom hit me, I had thought Nabuntulan Falls is only a few kilometers away from the resort why not do a SOLO HIKE!

Road going to Panicuason, Mt Isarog from Peñafrancia Resort.

I have been to Malabsay Falls last April 22, 2017 along with colleagues… it was a walk in the park since the City Tourism has made it very easy for visitors since they made a pathwalk to the falls through the cemented stairs they made. There will be no hiking for visitors, just plain and boring walking.

For nature lover like I am, I felt somewhat sad as the natural terrain of the Mountain has been exploited for the tourists’ sake. It was not like 10 years ago that people of Naga will feel the thrill of going down to Malabsay. Enough said, the April 22 activity left me craving for more nature trips and outdoor fun… one is reaching the other falls that is more mystic and taller than Malabsay- Nabuntulan Falls… which turned out to be a Nabuntulan Fails for me at the end of the day. haha!

I went back, I registered, paid the usual Php 10.00 environmental fee, then told them I will be going to Nabuntulan Falls. The staff, told me that they now require to have a guide as it is a tough hike and trail could lead you to the peak of Mount Isarog if one isn’t familiar. I gave her a blunt face and was like, “Hey, I am alone, shall I still need a guide… and the DENR officer  gave me a hint of the sign or landmark that will lead you to the falls and not to the Mountain’s peak”  It would cost me Php 150.00 for the guide who will take me to the place. I was like, heck no, I am doing a solo hike I don’t need anyone to accompany me.

There it goes, so I went on and I lied that I will instead be going to Malabsay Falls but went the other way. Haha! No one noticed and so my adventure began.

Walked and walked, ’til I saw the “blue sign” then, I went right, and I have heard the loud sound of the Nabuntulan. Had challenging trek going down (for a newbie in Outdoors) These are the pictures I took while feeling a little exhausted:



While going down, the sound of the falls has grown weak or has decline, I felt I was lost! So I came back up… but then it hit me, I will be going back without reaching a body of water or anything, and so I realized I should get back even if it will not lead me to Nabuntulan Falls. So it was a repeat hike haha! I went the same trail down, that led me to this:

18518658_10209067436946111_680972910_n (1)
My Nabuntulan Fails. 

I may have gone the wrong way… I had to get lost to realize I really needed a guide.

I was really tired that washing my face with the cool waters running in this “little falls”, or whatever type of body of water this may be called, relaxed me and have become my reward for this little adventure, or misfortune,after an hour of my Mother’s Day Adventure. I never ever reached Nabuntulan Falls, so the Title.


My selfies (in Photos)

Then I came back at the resort, that ended my NABUNTULAN FAILS ADVENTURE.


Picture together my nephews, nieces, sister, cousins, aunties and my Mama! 

Hopefully, I can get back this weekend with some friends! And for the love of blogging 😚😚


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