It hit me. I am 30 years old and not getting any younger.
So I thought of a lifestyle change I must live by until I am 60 years old and beyond.

I have thought, Instead of taking maintenance medications that people over 60 usually take, why not have my “maintenance” now. And besides, it hit me that I didn’t want to look my age… so this changes:

  • For weeks now, I have been into jogging, running and going into places I have never been yet doing outdoor activities. I have incorporated it in my daily routine to sleep early, and wake up early to brisk walk and jog. And for 3 weekends now I went on swimming, hiking and going to  beaches downtown 😎


  • Indoor activity such as Zumba dances from Youtube, and I really sticked to one workout that IMO is effective, as it has plyometrics, cardio and stretching incorporated in it: WATCH Youtube link —    Unleash Video- 30 minutes Workout
  • Less meat, more veggies and fruits. I try my best to avoid processed meat and pork. I do it gradually though! I am trying also to do away with soda, and instead of beer, I opted to red wine instead.
  • Water intake goals- 8 glasses/ day. Gulp*
  • Apple cider vinegar: taking 1 glass upon awakening, then 1 glass before sleeping daily. It is really effective in decreasing my appetite.
  • Maintaining a positive outlook no matter tough situation are.
  • INTO DATING AGAIN! Not really looking for The One, but praying to God that He will allow that “meeting” to take place any time soon.
  • BLOGGING! This is completely new to me, so bear with the platform and the simplicity of content of my site.
  • Loving my kid even more so as not to let her feel I am raising her as a single parent.
Overnight stay 4.21.2017 at Pichellito’s Resort, Magarao, Camarines Sur
  • And lastly, I am putting my whole TRUST to God in whatever He has in store for me. If I truly BELIEVE in His plans, I know everything will be alright.

Love yourself. No one can ever love you so much but yourself.

– Rovi


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