Re-discovering Mt. Isarog, Naga City, Philippines

I am born and raised a Nagueño.

Certified lived, studied and working in this happy place or “Maogmang Lugar”  called Naga City.

An Maogmang Lugar: Naga City Rotunda; Immaculate Conception Parish Church

I have been in and around Naga but I have re-discovered Malabsay Falls just recently. (Been there when I was 10 years old some 20 years back) It was when I was supposed to be at Tagaytay City last April 22, 2017 but something arise that the trip was cancelled so I went to a hike instead at Mt. Isarog.

There are several FALLS at this mountain that most tourist doesn’t know yet, I don’t know maybe because of lack of advertisement of the place as it is a DENR protected area.

From City Proper, we used a private vehicle going to the very end of Brgy. Panicuason, near a Girl Scout Camp… We took a hike going up then came up to a straight cemented road. Took a 15-20 minutes walk.



Then after which you will be asked to Register and pay Environmental fee of Php 10.00 yay!! Ten Pesos only!


There are simple reminders for visitors as follows:


We simply walked down the cemented stairs going to Malabsay Falls. It was about 200-300 steps down. It will all be worth it because you will be in awe of the Falls. The place is like a scene from the movie Twilight, so serene and calming. The temperature of the water is akin to water from the fridge… ice cold!

And crystal clear! See my video to show how clear the water is like underneath: Malabsay Underwater Video

Malabsay Falls (IN photos)



There are available amenities like comfort room/ dressing area for visitors. The people who come here are usually from nearby Barangay or (Suburb) of this City… but during my visit I saw  one (1) foreigner together with his family along with my fellow Nagueños…


I recommend Mt. Isarog specially for adventure seekers as there are still several falls that are not yet known to domestic and international tourists. I am still planning to discover the other side of Malabsay False – the Nabuntulan Falls… (teaser: it is a 20 minutes hike going up, and another 20 minutes going back)

This place is a short get away to the hustles and bustle of City life.

Mt. Isarog is also a popular site for hikers and mountain bikers alike.

I really enjoyed this short get away… We are back in downtown Naga by 1:00 pm

Friend and I had fun, fun, fun!!!


Peak of Mount Isarog.

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