Sherlocked: The Lying Detective

Stress can ruin every day of your life. Death can only ruin one. -Sherlock This episode happens to be about dealing with grief and grieving of Dr. John Watson, after losing his wife Mary. Mary's ghost appears several times (I wish that happens too in real life!) and they actually make conversations. Mary's "ghost" wanted... Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award

THANKS for nominating me! Although I have no clue what “Nomination for Awesome Blogger” is about. 

Listed below are thw questions set to me by fellow blogger ShadesofWanderer, and my answers:

1. Who is your favorite cartoon character? >Doctor Strange (comic character)

2. If there’s one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be? >None.

3. Do you have regrets in life? If yes, care to share?
>To err is human, of course meron, am not perfect eh! Tao lang! hehe! Regrets on being unforgiving specially to people I love.

4. What super power would you like to have? >Time travel.

5. What is your most embarrassing moment? >Falling off the stairs at the University Library I was very dumb ass, really.

6. Who do you want to meet or see in person? Benedict Cumberbatch.

7. Do you have any mannerism? laughing without having to tell first the joke.

8. Favorite Books? Why? The Alchemist and The Aleph. Why? I just like Paulo Coelho’s writing.

9. Funniest way to get someone’s attention? I don’t care. You get my attention, you get it.

10. What are your favorite movies and why? Too many to mention… but to name a few, Star Wars episodes, Kingdom of Heaven, Doctor Strange, Gladiator… that’s about what I remember lang as for now.

(I hope I did this right… the Nomination thing) lol

Shades Of Wanderer

After almost a month, ngayon pa lang uli ako makakapag post sa blog na ito. Ang dahilan ay mababasa niyo dito.

Pero plano ko na itong i-revive uli kase may naisip na akong ibang paraan para ma-maintain ang views ng dalawang blogs ko. More on that sa mga susunod kong blog post.

For now, dito muna tayo sa Awesome Blogger Award.

What a way to start this month for this kind of recognition. First time ko ito mga Bes, kaya papatulan ko toh. 😀

Nakakatuwa lang kase dalawa pa nag-nominate sa akin. At dahil nga papatulan ko ito, kaya sige 20 questions ang sasagutin ko mamaya. 🙂

I would like to thank Aysabaw who nominated me for this award, and also to Space who nominated me as well. Visit their blog guys and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy reading their blog posts as much as I do. 🙂

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Battle Symphony

I been searching for the courage to face my enemies. When I turn down the lights I hear my battle symphony all the world in front of me if my armor breaks I'll fuse it back together Battle symphony, please just don't give up on me and my eyes are wide awake. -One More Light... Continue Reading →


I have shed a number for my shattered soul. God give me strength to make myself whole, again.

To My Almost Guy

I have in my mind my thoughts that would say  "I miss you" but there's always something that pulls me back keeping me from typing those words or sending that message. I thought I have met someone who gave back my faith to Humanity. I thought I have met someone I can build lasting friendship... Continue Reading →

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