My Enduro Lite Experience: Camaguingcing, Calabanga, Camarines Sur

The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.


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Seeing the view from afar… the hills, and terrain of which I have rode my mountain bike with gave me that unknown feeling that no words can define.  My Ghost MTB went for the first time ever in the trails situated at Barangay Camaguingcing and Harubay, Municipality of Calabanga, Province of Camarines Sur. The venue of the Enduro Lite and Enduro mania organized by Sir Ben and Sir Red, of Enduro CamSur.

I was invited by them through Facebook group Oragon Mountain Bike group.  Originally we are only ten (30) participants that has signed up, but the riders that joined were about seventy (70) on the day!


In pictures are my action shots during the stage 1 Funduro:


Before Release
After release

I fell down hard and painful but I went on and enjoyed the rest of the day! After the stage 1, picture below are my picture smiling even if I have outbalanced myself downhill and feeling some aches in my chest, face, arms and legs!


After the Stage 1, we went uphill for the Stage 2. Going up the trails and seeing how hard it would be for a first timer like me, I decided to not push through.  I and along 16 others (Breakaway Group) went on trail ride and ascend hills of Calabanga with our respective rides which was really a pain in the ass but we still went on!

Doing headcount for seventeen (17) riders.
Climbing mountains with our MTB.
24862541_10210502251895588_8556678229092957901_n (1)
My ride.
Good the gentlemen assisted Nichole! They interchange in carrying the bakal bike.

My fellow riders, who fell down and got up stronger!


It was intense adrenaline pumping experience and I am fortunate enough to be with Enduro racers and champs both old and young ones! And fellow newbies like me.



TODAY I knew that with my MTB I can explore more wonders of nature at different places in Bicol. Isarog is nearby and it kept me inspired for my next trail run 🏃🏻‍♀️, ride 🚴🏽‍♀️ and climb 


The North Face Outdoor Challenge Philippines 2017


My first ever trail run ever! I did it at 2:29:06 11km last November 18, 2017 with seven (7) obstacle course right here at our very own CamSur WaterSports Complex (CWC) L, Capitol, Cadolan, Pili, Camarines Sur. We were in a Team Race category with Alex and Niko with me… without them I would have not made it climbing up walls, carrying heavy loads and all – ‘coz I lacked training on core strength!!



23722629_1669383453105754_7608216935924235239_n23722562_10212801229418409_4725208290926000820_n23755832_10212800689204904_7054062137180968478_n23722230_10212799260089177_2643092139846905410_n23659714_10210402785889000_5442909017299755741_n23659149_10210400327867551_8839827993543936342_n23658674_10212801220018174_1232032355022336604_n23658408_10210405309032077_7798369741623549025_n23658350_10210400325987504_3692041551601459063_n23622443_10212800672644490_5607945732892674497_n23622407_10210402785929001_5131753008461054852_n23622294_10212800694525037_4468808108678142176_n23622096_10212800668364383_3040783664344653670_n (1)23621733_10210400327627545_9045835205514251342_n23621505_10212800662684241_8487145860790469036_n (1)23621521_1669380813106018_4952225708715688961_n23561864_10212800665924322_7274542454011830943_n (1)23561546_10212800671804469_1431908500013170087_n23561603_10212792100470191_7799158612334824527_n


(Post and Pics still for updating)

Million Volunteer Run, Philippine National Red Cross, Camarines Sur Chapter

I have signed up to joining this run last weekend, as my promise to a friend who works there. This will be my first time to join, but this activity is being held nationwide on its 4th year already here in the Philippines. I decided to sign-up even if I am currently having asthma episodes and allergy attack due to humid and rainy weather.

My singlet and badge…

They have on going registration kiosks at SM City Naga to encourage more runners to on this Fun Run for a Cause by Philippine Red Cross. Or one can proceed to your nearest Phil. Red Cross Chapter of your place for inquiry.

This shall be a nation/provincewide run sponsored by the aforementioned NGO and other stakeholders.

Top two fifty (250) finishers from the National HQ participants shall receive Finishers medal.


Please see below REGISTRATION details (Camarines Sur Chapter) for the fees, venue, and time:

22281752_1766453863387671_8603496169002848253_n 19224789_1643460545687004_568747674874517948_n

After the event, finishers shall be given a Runners Card certifying one has joined to this worthwhile cause.


Routes for 3k and 5k run below:

Naga City Race Route 5k
Naga City Race Route 3k

Joiners from Metro Manila can check their website, and for those interested to join.

Photo credits to: Philippine Red Cross Facebook PagePhilippine National Red Cross Website

Take Five

October seems to be loneliest time of my every year and I am still figuring out why. At this particular year, it will be five months from now that Papa had died of a sudden heart attack. I have catched this depressed mood again, one I didn’t had for a couple of months since I was overly active running almost every day, hiking, doing first-time stuffs such as caving and rapelling.  What has happened the past five months since Papa died was we were actually busy going here and there even getting to main / national offices in Manila to expedite processing of papers for insurances both government and provate ones. Managing it with my day job, outdoor adventures, parenting and grieving at the same time.

Papa died, a part of me died too. I have regret why I have not forgiven him early on, and now, I am having hard time to forgive myself but I am surely working on it. I just need a break, a take five, a very tough “take five” to realize that I should not settle to just forgetting and not totally forgiving people in my life that wether I want it or not they will always be aprt ofmy life no matter how unfortunate and blissful things have went. 

 Slowly, but surely… although just bit by bit, step by step… I am working on myself…


Everyone take our own path… finding it can be a long trail to go or, could only be a step away. But TIME has way of playing with each and everyone of us, life is basically a million streets and path to take on and everyone is just getting at some destination at their own pace. Love, loss, grief, joy, compassion, jealousy, hate, lust, and among other things pass. We must live the moment, loving the present people around us, chasing the dreams… be good at being the best of you. Just like in this grassland, when being lost and uncertain shall make you feel more challenged and renewed…20170827_140148